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PMI Brand Refresh – FAQ for chapters


Q: Why is PMI making a change to its brand?

A: Because it is so visual, you might think that our new logo, colors, typography and symbols are the “new brand.” But these images are only a visual representation of our new brand position, which is the core of PMI as we begin our next 50 years.

When the Project Management Institute was founded 50 years ago, project management wasn’t a thing yet—it was a small group of people talking about new tools, and processes that were changing the way work was being done. Our founders had the foresight to create an organization that would help people deliver results as their work changed. We’re carrying on that vision with our new brand.

We’re planting a flag in the future as ways of working continue to change. PM’s Value Delivery Landscape encompasses all of what we do today, all of the new offerings and knowledge we now have through our friends at Disciplined Agile and Flex, and is broad enough to keep us relevant through whatever is next – whether that’s citizen developer, low code/no code, quantum computing, or something completely new that will emerge as we continue to integrate technology into our ways of working. 

Whatever that looks like, PMI powers The Project Economy, strengthening society by enabling organizations and empowering people to make ideas a reality. 

The new logos, symbols and graphics are the visual representation of this new position, and PMI’s intent to be the leading voice in the future.


Q: How did PMI decide to move forward with this as our new brand?

A: As PMI enters its second half century, we are carrying on the vision of our founders when they created PMI to address new ways of working. Our Board of Directors asked for a brand refresh that would position PMI for its next decades of leadership as we strengthen society, enable organizations and empower individuals to turn ideas into reality. We gathered input and feedback from hundreds of stakeholders, including members, certified professionals, executives and volunteers, through surveys, focus groups, and online collaboration forums. We gathered insight from our research and combined these to land on the new brand personality, position and identity you see now. 

Q: What are the new symbols and what do they mean?

A: There are 10 unique symbols that make up the language of The Project Economy – eight of them are available for use by everyone in the PMI brand ecosystem. Two are restricted. 

These symbols create a consistent design language that represent some of the characteristics needed to be successful in the future. Over time, as we use them in our communications, these symbols will help shape and define The Project Economy, and demonstrate PMI’s authority and leadership in this space.

Guidelines for use of these symbols can be found at

Collaboration: We can’t do it alone. Whether it’s partnering with a colleague, client, company or non-profit organization, each of us brings something unique to the table. And we are made stronger when we work together.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\DeterminationSymbol\Determination\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_dtrm_blk_rgb.jpg Determination: Sometimes projects go according to plan. Most of the time, not. Perseverance is needed to complete any project and successfully deliver outcomes that make a difference in the world.

*Change* (restricted to use only in the PMI logo mark): Disruption isn’t new—it’s constant. Learning how to navigate change is inherent to our growth and challenges us to continuously evolve. Greater challenges bring greater satisfaction in giving back.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\InnovationSymbol\Innovation\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_inno_blk_rgb.jpg Innovation: New ideas. New products. New methods. Constant transformation is what helps us tackle new problems and find fresh solutions. We know that the world isn’t one-size-fits-all. We bring new takes on everyday things to constantly move forward and make life better across the world.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\TeamworkSymbol\Teamwork\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_tmwk_blk_rgb.jpg Teamwork: Projects are delivered by people, but winning projects are delivered by teams. Project delivery relies on team players and people who contribute added value to any project, making the team stronger.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\OutcomesSymbol\Outcomes\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_outc_blk_rgb.jpg Outcomes: We celebrate not just the process, but the positive impact that projects around the world make on society. We’re changing the world—for the better—one project at a time.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\GrowthSymbol\Growth\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_grwt_blk_rgb.jpg Growth: Change and transformation, while at times unfamiliar, spur progress. Whether it’s skill development or organizational expansion, growth brings new opportunities into our economy—and contributes to the greater good.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\VisionSymbol\Vision\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_visn_blk_rgb.jpg Vision: This can mean being unconventional. It can mean coming up with new ideas to solve new challenges. It’s about perspective, seeing the big picture, and the ability to create solutions for now that are sustainable for generations to come.

C:\Users\canderson\Documents\CINDY-F\Logos\2019 PMI logos\Symbols\CommunitySymbol\Community\Black\RGB\pmi_sym_comm_blk_rgb.jpg Community: The people that are part of our world make it what it is today. Our community is one of our most valuable assets. We celebrate it and keep it going by welcoming all who wish to join us to make the world a better place.

*Philanthropy* (restricted to use only by PMIEF): Making dreams a reality takes more than a vision — it takes action and dedication. We nurture and inspire the next generation to learn, grow, and achieve their goals so that they too can benefit society. This continued commitment and passion enables us to contribute to the welfare of our youth — and their communities. 


Q – What do we need to know about changing over to the new identity?

A: First, there is no need to panic! We know it will take some time for all of our chapters and other partners to deplete current inventories of printed materials, to recode web pages and email templates, and make other changes to their PMI-related graphics. Our goal is to have most of the customer-facing visuals changed throughout our ecosystem by the end of first quarter 2020. 

The new brand guidelines (available at, identify several features of the new graphic identity:

  • new logos for all parts of the PMI ecosystem.
  • new colors that represent PMI’s brand personality – bold, fearless and nurturing. The colors are aqua, tangerine and violet
  • New fonts and typefaces that reflect PMI’s brand and are proprietary to PMI (Agrandir and Pressura). These can be accessed centrally, with a default option to use Arial, which is widely available.
  • new photos and imagery that are consistent with our new brand position.
  • new symbols that represent the language of The Project Economy.
  • guidelines for use of the symbols and logos

PMI GHQ is providing some support to help with these changes, including:

  • chapter logos – PMI GHQ designers are creating all chapter logos in alignment with the new brand guidelines, using the customized chapter image that is currently in the chapter logo. Once they are designed, they will be available at
  • website changes – you will hear more about help with website updates from your chapter partner and marketing liaison.

If your chapter has printed materials or swag using the old logo, you should feel free to deplete that inventory before you spend money on changing your logo. Work with your chapter partner and marketing liaison to determine the schedule for transition that is right for you.

Chapter early adopters are also available for guidance – they’ve been through the change and can offer suggestions. Reach out to them, please!


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PMI Northern Italy Chapter PMI Poland Chapter

PMI Southern Germany Chapter PMI South Africa Chapter

PMI United Kingdom Chapter PMI Zimbabwe Chapter


Q: I see the colors have changed, what are the new colors?

A: The new colors represent PMI’s brand personality – bold, fearless and nurturing. The colors are aqua, tangerine and violet. Details about which specific colors to use can be found in the brand guidelines on 


Logos and symbols can also be printed in black or reversed in white, if a one-color options is needed. Again, guidelines for use of the colors are available at


Q: Multi-color logos are expensive for printing, does the brand have black and white logos available?

A: Yes!  PMI allows for a single color logo in all black or all-white. There are several options that can be used - refer to the brand guidelines at for details.


Q: Can you provide a shortlist/brainstorm of places to update our logos?

A: Sure, here are some suggestions:

  • chapter website
  • social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest) 
  • email template 
  • email signatures
  • printed materials (flyers, brochures)
  • business cards
  • presentation templates
  • governance documents
  • membership application/renewal materials
  • certification training materials (e.g. PMP logo)

Remember, your logo may appear in other places as well. When you see it, change it! 


Q: Where can I find new brand assets (templates, business cards, etc.)?

A: All of the brand assets are available on PMI’s Marketing Portal at: If you need access to this portal, please contact your chapter partner.


Q: Why was the word chapter taken out of the logo – does this mean chapters are going away?

A: Not at all. Chapters are still essential elements of PMI’s stakeholder ecosystem, and each chapter has its own, unique, customized logo. The word “chapter” was removed from the logo simply for visual consistency in alignment with our new brand guidelines. Chapters will still be referred to as chapters in communications and messaging.


Q: How do you get the new web site pages enabled?

A: If you use Proteon, StarChapter or MG2 as a website provider, they will help you enable the new brand on your website.  If Proteon, StarChapter or MG2 is not your provider, you can look at for the standard template.  

Q: I’m a Proteon customer and it looks like they’re using a new tool for my home page.  Where can I get more information?

A: The tool is called SP Page builder and there’s lots of information on the web.  You can find some training materials here:

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